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Hey guys! Thank you for visiting this portion of my website. There is a U in US is a social project I decided to start recently! There was one day where I was sitting on the couch, scrolling through facebook, realizing all of the negativity in the world today and kind of became a little disappointed. I immediately thought to myself well I know there is a lot of bad, but I personally have experienced a lot of good and it’s a shame that that is not being promoted more. I then thought some more and realized that the only way to correct a negative or hurtful thought process is to enlighten or help others to understand and so I figured as a photographer I could begin a social project to help with that. You never know the difference one person can make and even if I help just one person understand someone else I feel as if my mission is complete. I hope you come to this page and feel inspired! – Aaron 


MEET ATSU: Him and his family moved here from a refugee camp in Ghana! (click on link to see gallery and hear interview)
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Lighthouse Charities: Lighthouse Charities is a local charity who serves the needs of refugees who come to Las Vegas with nothing to their name. Check out the interview with founder Cindy Trussel and the gallery!


Refugee Field Trip: The Refugees to a trip to the LDS temple and I was able to capture some powerful images of them during the trip. Check out the gallery!
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Refugee Commemoration Ceremony: Check out the Refugee Commemoration Ceremony celebrating the accomplishments of refugees in the area.