Hannah was such a cool shoot! She’s super easy going and super musically inclined. One of the cool things we talked about was how since she’s been doing music for so long people just assumed that she was naturally gifted. She was telling me how she had to work almost twice as hard as all the other kids from that age to be as good as she is now. It didn’t come naturally to her but it’s something that she wanted so she worked so hard and now is even able to teach it to people. Her journey with music is very similar to my journey with photography. I always would scroll down my instagram or facebook groups and just wonder… how can these people be so good at pictures. It seemed as if everything was perfect. Their composition, their lighting, their posing, and their image was completely sharp. I felt almost as if I didn’t have an eye for it and often felt like giving up but I decided I was just going to work at it. So I did. I worked really hard. I stayed up late nights editing and re-editing and watching youtube tutorials and now I’m finally beginning to feel confident in my images. I hope you enjoy this gallery! You can follow Hannah on instagram at @hannah_hafen. Also you can check out the rest of the gallery here <——–. Hope you guys enjoy it!



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