Eric and Arsha Get Sealed :)

Eric and Arsha were such a joy to work with. They were soooooooo happy the entire day. I don’t think I saw them stop smiling the whole time I was with them. They worked very hard as a family to make it to this point and they definitely appreciated it when they got here. Their kids were the most adorable kids ever! Arsha even made their suspenders and bowties, how cool is that? They all matched and they were just as happy as their parents were to be there. Seeing a family together and with love is one of the coolest things you can see in society today. There is so much hurt and broken family in the world that it’s an inspiration seeing a family together like this. It definitely starts with Eric and Arsha, the love they have for each other definitely shows, and I’m sure their kids notice it too. It was an awesome day. I am so glad to have been their that day. Hope you enjoy this gallery!



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