Jessica’s Surprise Engagement

Jessica and Ricky came in from Kansas City for what Jessica thought would be her showing her boyfriend around her old stomping grounds, little did she know she would leave an engaged women. Jessica’s longtime friend Sabrina reached out to me to share the plan. They were going to stage family pictures up at Mt. Charleston and towards the end we were going to pull off my greatest acting yet. We did normal family pictures and then the time came. I acted as if I really wanted a cool picture of the car up against the mountain. So we got to setting up. I then invited them in front of the car to get a picture of both of them in front of the fancy lambo. I gave the cue “Alright, I got the shot” and he got on his knees and asked the love of his life to marry him. She was so surprised and they shared a moment as a recently engaged couple. She was so happy and upset that we knew the whole time and did not say a single thing haha. However, I think this was a surprise worth keeping. Check out the rest of this gallery here <—–




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