Team Shoot for Hannah’s Senior Pics

Today, was super awesome! First off, shout out to Paula for inviting me to come shooting with her. It is always neat to have the opportunity to collaborate with other photographers. It’s even cooler to see the end results after post processing! Hannah was pretty chill. I took more of a backseat role in this shoot and kind of shot from wherever I could. Nonetheless, I was able to capture some great shots! Hannah has plans to go to UNLV. She is graduating from SECTA where she has studied culinary for the past four years. She comes from an awesome family and has a very promising future. Thank you to Hannah for allowing me the opportunity to capture her senior pictures.

This was actually one of my favorite shoots because of the range of backdrops in a single location. It was also a shoot during sunset, so we transitioned from the bright Vegas sun to the Golden hour, which I was able to capture in some of the images. That’s always fun because it allows you to play with different editing styles to best serve the picture. It’s so important that each picture is edited individually to highlight the strengths of that picture. In this gallery you will see a range of very moody pictures, clear and vibrant shots, to more dramatic images that capture Hannah as an individual. All in all, I hope you viewers enjoy these images. Please leave comments below with your thoughts!



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