Jacob and Becky’s Senior Pictures

It’s crazy that these guys are old enough to be graduating high school right now. I have known them since they were maybe 8 or 9 and have been able to see them grow up. They are 18 now and ready to leave school. Jacob and Becky are polar opposites but they make it work haha. Jacob and Becky do have volleyball in common however. Becky is definitely the brains. She is headed up to the University of Utah with the end goal of becoming a doctor. Jacob is starting his college experience this evening at the College of Southern Nevada and is considering serving a mission for his church! I had such a blast at Lake Las Vegas with them and hope you enjoy the pictures too.

This was a new location for me. Usually I like to check out the locations before hand and pre-pick some spots, however I did not get the chance to this time around. Jacob and Becky were such good sports as we walked around and decided on backdrops together. We were met with some challenges during this shoot as we started with a very cool, not harsh sun, but before we knew it the harsh Vegas sun decided to show up. Because of the location being very open, we did our best to find spots where we could avoid harsh shadows and deliver quality images. My favorite spot was probably the little gazebo we were able to find. It was unique, stylish, and provided a nice covering from the sun. Thank you Jacob and Becky for discovering this new location with me, and good luck in college!!



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