There is a U in US: Lighthouse Charities

One of the most inspiring things I have done in my life is sit down with Mrs. Trussel at Lighthouse Charities. First of all, anyone who is trying to ignite change in society is amazing. You can do it in many ways, first and foremost by being better yourself and then striving to help those around you better. I learned many lessons from today that I’ll share with you guys!

Lesson 1: YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF YOU GET UP AND DO SOMETHING. This was made as clear as day to me in our interview today. It all started with the desire to help make a difference when she saw the need. That’s how it starts with many of us right? The want and desire to get up and help but unfortunately for many of us it stays there. We either get discouraged or don’t take the necessary steps to making our attempt successful and we stop before we start. Lighthouse Charities has shown me and many others that when you put your mind to doing something good you can accomplish it and bring many others along with you. One story Mrs. Trussel shared with me was when she was out on a visit delivering food baskets to refugee and needy families that were apart of the charity a small child came up to her and asked her to help his parents. She went with the child into the home and realized that the family had not eaten all day and the only way they ate was if they begged the neighbors for their leftovers. Imagine that? These people she mentioned could not speak english and had no idea how to access the resources available to them. Now, how would this be possible had she not chosen to be out and about doing good? Rhetorical question, it wouldn’t of. This power to do good is in all of us and there are many in society who are trying every day to bring about good. Today, Lighthouse Charities helps fill pantries all across the valley at schools and other pantries. They provide meals, school supplies, clothes, household necessities, and much more to the refugee families who find themselves working to finally build a life here in America.


Lesson 2: DON’T LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF GOOD YOU DO, THE GREATER CAPACITY TO DO GOOD YOU HAVE THE MORE GOOD YOU SHOULD DO. This lesson was one that kept repeating in my head as I heard Mrs. Trussel speak to me. She was so excited about all of the possibilities to do more good with these families in the future. As they are receiving more and more support from those people willing to help she realizes that their ability to do good in so many lives is growing. They went from supplying families with their basic needs to now helping families begin to learn english, helping them refine and find jobs that fits their skills levels, and teaching them how to live in America and all that that entails. One could of stopped at providing food and basic necessities because that in itself is a large feat and an amazing task but.. they realized that their is so much more good to be done. How inspiring is that? Now these families are going to be better prepared to make a life for themselves in this country and to help those around them. All of us have this capacity to do good in one way or the other. In our every day lives I would urge that we not limit ourselves to what good we can do.


Lesson 3: AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. I learned this as Mrs. Trussel spoke to me about how the majority of the help they get is from families who have been helped at some point by the foundation. How cool is that? She mentioned that when she meets with these families they are so grateful for all the help and when they ask her what they can do for her she simply asks of them to pay it forward, to look for ways to help their neighbors, and those around them. What a miracle is that? Imagine a society build on that principle? If everyone payed forward the acts of kindness. These refugees are so passionate and determined to be successful. They knew how to survive with nothing and now are taking advantage of all the opportunities presented to them. Whenever they can they give back which enables Lighthouse Charities to do even more good. They not only are helping these people but are inspiring a group of people to go out and do the same. They did that with me today and I plan to return and work closely with them in any way that I can. I urge all of you to do the same.

Please take the time now to visit them on Facebook and on their Website by clicking those links! Please go visit their sites and see how you could get involved with them today :). Lighthouse Charities is a true example of “There is a U in US.” Their goal to help everyone feel as if they have what they need to survive is truly what this world needs more of.

Check out the full interview with Mrs. Cindy Trussel right below!



Check out some picture from the day including some pictures of their facilities.


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