There is a U in US: Atsu Kodjo Adjorlolo (Peter)

So for my first segment of “There is a U in US” I was able to go to a photoshoot with Atsu who goes by Peter Adjorlolo from Ghana. I know Peter from church and his story has always been one that intrigues me. So often we see refugees and we understand that what they went through is tough but till you get the opportunity to sit down with them and talk about it you don’t even get to understand a little bit. Peter is such a humble spirit and has a huge desire to be successful and accomplish the American dream. He was raised in a refugee camp in Ghana, Africa and said that it was a battle every day living in a refugee camp. He mentioned that learning you are going to leave the refugee camp is like winning the lottery. Now here in this country he realizes that the journey has just begun. He struggled with the english language but through a friend who introduced him to the LDS church he has met people who were willing to take him in and help him along this journey. There is true power in reaching out and helping others. Think about the difference made because fellow church goers were willing to take the time to help him learn the language it helped everything from his ability to succeed in this country to his self esteem. Because of the help he received from this around him, he stated he feels as if he could accomplish everything on his own now. I love that Peter has the desire to work and to be successful. One of the coolest things about this interview was hearing Peter talk about learning about different cultures. He shared that each culture has something unique to offer and we can strengthen each other through our experiences. That perhaps was the most powerful revelation from this interview. Peter, no matter what, it doesn’t matter that you were raised in a refugee camp, that you’ve seen struggles a lot of us can’t relate to, there is a U in US.


Please take the time to reach out and learn more about our refugee friends and hear their stories and their experiences. One of the things my church has done recently is invited a speaker from the Lost Boys of Sudan (Lost Boy Info) to share their experiences and it definitely opened up my eyes to their struggles but even cooler their determination to succeed in a country that was so far from what they were used to.

Listen to the full interview with Peter here 




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