Meet Mangu!

Mangu is me and my wife’s first impulsive decision as a newlywed couple. We were warned about getting a dog too early on and the effects it would have on our relationship, which is a valid point. We also weren’t home a bunch and traveling a lot so we wanted to make sure we could be home to care for a dog. However our crazy schedules never really changed, we still work and go to school full time and so we needed a dog that was low maintenance and would be okay with being home alone for long periods of time. We went to the shelter multiple times and nothing felt right. My wife left sad every time we left without a dog. So we went for a final time and were determined to find one. We originally found 2 but for some reason just weren’t drawn to them. They just didn’t feel right. So we went to the final section not knowing that the first dog we would see would be our Mangu. He was right there and we asked if we could take him on a walk, he immediately felt right! So we took him home and he has been the perfect dog. He loves me a little more then he loves my wife but nonetheless he is the best!! Here are some shots I got of him just earlier today at the house.



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