Trying a new location!

Lately my biggest goal as a photographer in Las Vegas is to find new gems or hidden spots to shoot in the city. Because Las Vegas is a Desert we do not have the luxury that people pretty much everywhere else have of beautiful scenery. That makes for very repetitive backdrops and constantly shooting in the same location. We do have the Las Vegas Strip but that’s not everyones taste ya know? So lately I’ve been looking for different trails in a park, different urban looking locations, or even ways to make a simple location look awesome. So I’ve been doing my research and heading out to test shoot at a couple of different spots. This shoot took place at Symphony Park/The Smith Center. When I do not have a booked shoot I still like to maintain constant media presence so I shoot still. It’s helpful because when I’m not booked I get to go to try out these new places with friends and see what works and what doesn’t. I actually really enjoyed this location and got to try a couple of different areas that make for good photos. Special thank you to my wife for always being willing to be my beautiful model, thank you to my friends Isaac & Lina for taking time out of their day to let me take pictures of them, and thanks to my little brother for bearing with me as I tried out my new camera in this location with him. I hope you enjoy the photos!



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