Knock knock, who’s there? 

This was one of those shoots that was so fun. I had a wonderful time with the Franklin Family! They are an amazing family. These 2 little girls Kora and Kam had such huge personalities. One of them was picture ready and the other had her limit. The reason for the title is because she had a knock knock joke that would get her smiling long enough for a good picture. It took a lot of convincing before each shot, but ultimately we got the shots we needed! Craig ranch was also a beautiful location where i’ve never shot before! You have a diverse set of backdrops that play to your advantages, from pictures by the water to a bunch of good little areas. Jasmyn and Diamond I’ve known all the way since high school and it’s super cool to see where life takes us. They are both super successful in their lives and continuing to work towards more. It’s definitely a time to remember.




  • Love this so much. You were so great with the girls and they keep telling everyone about you. lol I’m beyond obsessed with the shots you got and we all have such good memories of this day now. Thank you so much Aaron! You really impressed me.

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