How lucky am I?

Yes… this gorgeous woman is my wife! Taylor and I are soon to reach our 1 year anniversary of marriage. It’s been such a blessed year. My wife is very intelligent, very kind hearted, very very shy, and sometimes awkward lol. However, all those things make her the girl that I love. She finally has become comfortable enough with herself to step in front of my camera, so yes she is my new official model. I think it was weird being a photographer with her because the interaction was different then our relationship if that makes sense? haha. But I couldn’t think of a more beautiful being in front of the camera. Gentlemen, if you’re reading this take care of your wife and call her beautiful often. They love hearing that and it’ll probably win you points! Help out around the house as much as you can and support your wives or significant others as often as you can. Their support and unconditional love is irreplaceable and so worth it!



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