Portraits W/ Jesse

My boy Jesse has been a friend since my beginning years of high school. I used to dance, I know super surprising... haha but I remember distinctly one day walking home from school Jesse and a friend were walking home from their school and we battled in the street like nothing else mattered haha. In [...]


Part 2 of Mt. Charleston, Sabrina’s Family Pictures

So this was the cover story for the surprise engagement in the previous post! Check it out here. But, Sabrina was also overdue for some really nice family pictures. Sabrina is someone who comes to me often and I am grateful for her trust in me as her family's photographer.  Hope you enjoy a part of [...]

Jessica’s Surprise Engagement

Jessica and Ricky came in from Kansas City for what Jessica thought would be her showing her boyfriend around her old stomping grounds, little did she know she would leave an engaged women. Jessica's longtime friend Sabrina reached out to me to share the plan. They were going to stage family pictures up at Mt. [...]

It’s time to party! Quinceanera style!

There's a first to everything right? Well this was my first ever shoot for a quinceanera party. The dress was just stunning. I tried to capture as much detail as I could but even these pictures do not do it justice. The dress had such detailed bead work and the girl in it was even [...]

Angela & Friends Photo Session

This was a super cool experience for me because they found me through instagram and said they really enjoyed my work. Their request was a street portrait feel to their style and since that is what I've been trying to work on lately it was a great opportunity to learn! They were awesome clients and [...]

Street Portraits W/ Mac Deas!

So one of the things that I have been focusing on is more street portraits. I believe its becoming more of my niche! I still love family portraits and all other forms of photos but street portraiture I feel pushes me to learn photography and posing how I've never been pushed before. Growth as an [...]